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I run a server on Discord for discussion, assistance, and release notifications about the things I make, such as ninfs and custom-install.

It's a pretty small and slow server but I always try to help when I see new questions. Others are also able to help with the problems you have.

This page exists to explain the setup before you join.

The server can be joined here! (Please do not join asking how to get paid games for free.)


  1. Be nice to eachother
  2. No piracy (asking how to get paid games for free)
  3. Don't spam
  4. No bigotry
  5. No NSFW content
  6. Use common sense, just because it's not explicitly denied doesn't mean it's OK

Channel structure

(as of December 4, 2020)

There are 10 public channels, 5 of which allow for discussion.

  • Top-level
    • #welcome - rules, quick links, other info
    • #announcements - release announcements, other (usually) important messages (rarely, if ever, pings everyone)
    • #roles - self-assignable roles to be pinged when a new version of a program releases
  • Tools
    • #ninfs - discussion and assistance for ninfs
    • #custom-install - discussion and assistance for custom-install (NOT to get help with piracy)
    • #other-tools - discussion and assistance for my other homebrew and non-homebrew tools (e.g. discord-mod-mail)
  • Other
    • #homebrew - discussion and assistance for any other homebrew (usually 3DS focused)
    • #off-topic - unrelated discussion
  • Git Logs
    • #git-commits - new commits and releases for my homebrew tools
    • #git-issues - new and updated issues and pull requests for my homebrew tools

Other questions

What happens when I join?

Pretty much nothing! There's no bot that sends you a message on join. No join messages are posted publicly (moderators and I do see this though). All the channels listed above are immediately available (except in exceptional circumstances such as spam).

Can I ask you my question privately?

It's usually a good idea to ask in one of the public channels, since you might get an answer faster. I'm likely not the only one who can answer your question. This is not a very active server, I don't think anyone who can answer your question will miss it.

Can I ask you in a voice channel?

I'm not really comfortable using voice channels, either to listen or talk. Sorry.

I'm not comfortable using Discord, is there another way to contact you?

You can send me an email shown on the main page. Or create an issue on the appropriate GitHub repository (certain ones will send a notification to #git-issues on Discord).

Some of the repositories I have on GitHub have Discussions enabled.