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Nintendo 3DS


  • 3DS-rom-tools - Tools and guides for working with Nintendo 3DS games and applications
    • The tools and guides part is outdated, but the seeddb is still updated occasionally. Maybe this will be updated some day.
  • switchfs - FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) scripts for Nintendo Switch files
    • Features were implemented into ninfs.
  • cmd-gen - Experimental script to generate CMD files for Nintendo 3DS SD titles
    • Experimental-only script before a better version was implemented in custom-install.
  • gen-title-info-entry - Experimental script to generate the Title Info Entry for title.db
    • Experimental-only script before a better version was implemented in custom-install.
  • search-3ds - Nintendo 3DS file searcher in Python
    • Very old script that I didn't implement all that well. It still technically works though I think!
  • hardmod-b9s-installer - Installs boot9strap through hardmod
    • Hardmod install is an old method nowadays with ntrboot existing. In the exceptional case where hardmod is the only method, it can still be useful.
  • 9.6-dbgen-xmls - XMLs for 3DS 9.6-crypto titles, for use with *hax 2.7+
    • *hax was updated to not require XMLs for seed-crypto titles at some point.
  • ctrnand-title-cia-gen - CIA generator for installed CTRNAND titles
    • GodMode9 can do this more effectively now, especially since it can actually parse ticket.db properly.
  • firmswap - Nintendo 3DS FIRM partition switcher in Python 3
    • This was mostly just a way for me to figure out how to use the AES-CTR known plaintext issue to replace the installed FIRM, useful for hardmods and DSiWare exploits.
  • gw-save-export-helper - Gateway Save Export Helper
    • The way that this is implemented isn't great, I didn't know C at the time so I just depended on Lua Player Plus to copy files around, and had a proper save tool do the exporting. If I re-made it today I could probably do this much better.
  • 3DSFlow - Box art images for mashers's grid launcher
    • Not updated.
  • ez3ds - Homebrew/CFW setup guide for specific versions
    • Not updated.
  • Guide for smashbroshax
    • Superseded by better exploits and guides.